This table lists the top three most cited papers published in each IEEE ICDE conference during 2000-2005. It was generated in July 12, 2014 and latest updated in April 1, 2021. It may contain errors, comments are more than welcome!   


Author list


July 12, 2014

July 1, 2021

ICDE 2000


Ling Liu, Calton Pu, Wei Han

XWRAP: An XML-Enabled Wrapper Construction System for Web Information Sources

Cited by 542

Cited by 724


Edith Cohen, Mayur Datar, Shinji Fujiwara, Aristides Gionis, Piotr Indyk, Rajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Cheng Yang

Finding Interesting Associations without Support Pruning

Cited by 393

Cited by 598


Chang-Shing Perng, Haixun Wang, Sylvia R. Zhang, Douglas Stott Parker Jr.

Landmarks: a New Model for Similarity-based Pattern Querying in Time Series Databases

Cited by 296

Cited by 430

ICDE 2001


Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Behzad Mortazavi-Asl, Helen Pinto, Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu

PrefixSpan: Mining Sequential Patterns by Prefix-Projected Growth

Cited by 1725

Cited by 3133


Stephan Börzsönyi, Donald Kossmann, Konrad Stocker

The Skyline Operator

Cited by 1527

Cited by 2975


Douglas Burdick, Manuel Calimlim, Johannes Gehrke

MAFIA: A Maximal Frequent Itemset Algorithm for Transactional Databases

Cited by 762

Cited by 1114

ICDE 2002


Sergey Melnik, Hector Garcia-Molina, Erhard Rahm

Similarity Flooding: A Versatile Graph Matching Algorithm and Its Application to Schema Matching

Cited by 1348

Cited by 2009


Shurug Al-Khalifa, H. V. Jagadish, Jignesh M. Patel, Yuqing Wu, Nick Koudas, Divesh Srivastava

Structural Joins: A Primitive for Efficient XML Query Pattern Matching

Cited by 1051

Cited by 1291


Gaurav Bhalotia, Arvind Hulgeri, Charuta Nakhe, Soumen Chakrabarti, S. Sudarshan

Searching and Browsing in Databases using BANKS

Cited by 758

Cited by 1261

ICDE 2003


Beverly Yang, Hector Garcia-Molina

Designing a Super-Peer Network

Cited by 1147

Cited by 1444


Spiros Papadimitriou, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Phillip B. Gibbons, Christos Faloutsos

LOCI: Fast Outlier Detection Using the Local Correlation Integral

Cited by 529

Cited by 1099


Alon Y. Halevy, Zachary G. Ives, Dan Suciu, Igor Tatarinov

Schema Mediation in Peer Data Management Systems

Cited by 504

Cited by 604

ICDE 2004


Jianyong Wang, Jiawei Han

BIDE: Efficient Mining of Frequent Closed Sequences

Cited by 477

Cited by 873


Jeffrey Considine, Feifei Li, George Kollios, John W. Byers

Approximate Aggregation Techniques for Sensor Databases

Cited by 597

Cited by 770


Brian Babcock, Mayur Datar, Rajeev Motwani

Load Shedding for Aggregation Queries over Data Streams

Cited by 316

Cited by 469


ICDE 2005


Roberto J. Bayardo Jr., Rakesh Agrawal

Data Privacy through Optimal k-Anonymization

Cited by 828

Cited by 1544


Benjamin C. M. Fung, Ke Wang, Philip S. Yu

Top-Down Specialization for Information and Privacy Preservation

Cited by 451

Cited by 778


Jayant Madhavan, Philip A. Bernstein, AnHai Doan, Alon Y. Halevy

Corpus-based Schema Matching

Cited by 374

Cited by 531