Recent academic service & Membership

§         Membership

§         IEEE Computer Society (Fellow, for development of efficient data mining algorithms)

§         Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI Fellow , 中国人工智能学会会士)

§         Journal Editor Board Member

§         Journal of Personalized Medicine (Editorial Board Member, JPM, 2023.1-2024.12)

§         Journal of Alzheimer's disease (Associate Editor, JAD, 2023.1-2023.12)

§         ACM Trans. on Knowledge Discovery from Data (Associate Editor, ACM TKDD, 2016.3-)

§         IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering (Associate Editor, IEEE TKDE, 2011.10-2016.3)

§         Int. J. Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA, IOS Press, 2010.1-2011.12)

§         Journal of Software (即软件学报, 2011.1-)

§         Special Issue on Web Information Management in the Big data Era, World Wide Web J. (Co-Guest-Editor)


§         Conference Organizer

§         PC Co-Chair: IEEE ICDM’19WISE'15, ASE BioMedCom'14, WAIM'13, ADMA'11, NDBC'10

§         Vice PC Chair (or Senior PC/Area Chair/Track  Chair):  SIGKDD'22, ICDM'22, DASFAA'22, PAKDD'22, SIGKDD'21, IJCAI'21, DASFAA'21, PAKDD'21, SIGKDD'20, ICDM'20, PAKDD'20, SIGKDD'19, PAKDD'19, SIGKDD'18, PAKDD'18, PAKDD'17, PAKDD'16, PAKDD'15, CIKM'14, SDM'14, PAKDD'14, CIKM'13, ICDM'13, SDM'13, PAKDD'13, SIGKDD'12, PAKDD'12, ICDM'11, SDM'11, WAIM'11, APWeb'11, ICDM'10, SDM'10

§         Tutorial Co-Chair: SIGKDD'17, ICDM’17

§         Ph.D. Symposium Track Co-Chair: WWW'14

§         Media/Publicity Co-chair: ICDM'14, SIGKDD'12

§         Local Demo Chair: SIGMOD'07

§         Workshop Co-chair: ADMA'12

§         Conference/Workshop PC Member

§        2022: SIGKDD'22(Senior PC for research track and PC for applied data science track), SIGIR'22(long and short), IJCAI'22, DASFAA'22(Senior PC), PAKDD'22(Senior PC)

§        2021: SIGKDD'21(Senior PC for research track and applied data science track), IJCAI'21(Senior PC), DASFAA'21(Senior PC), SIGIR'21, PAKDD'21(Senior PC)WSDM’21

§        2020: SIGKDD'20 (Senior PC), PAKDD'20(Senior PC)WWW'20, WSDM’20, SDM’20, SIGIR'20

§        2019: CIKM'19, SDM’19,WSDM’19, SIGKDD'18(Senior PC) , ECML/PKDD’19, NDBC’19

§         2018: SDM’18,WSDM’18, WWW'18(Poster track), AAAI’18, IJCAI'18, SIGKDD'18(Senior PC), ECML/PKDD’18

§         2017: ICDM’17, WSDM’17, SDM’17, AAAI’17, ICWSM’17, ICBK’17, ECML/PKDD'16

§         2016: SIGKDD'16, SIGMOD'16(Demo), WWW'16, ICDM’16, CIKM'16, SDM'16, ECML/PKDD'16

§         2015: SIGKDD'15, WWW'15, ICDE'15, CIKM'15(DB track), SDM'15, ECML/PKDD'15, DASFAA'15 (Demo)

§         2014: SIGKDD'14, WWW'14, ICDM'14, ECML/PKDD'14, ASONAM'14, ICWSM'14,  DEXA'14, APWeb'14, CloudDB'14

§         2013: SIGKDD'13, WWW'13 (the 'Web Mining' track & the 'Bridging Structured and Unstructured Data' track), ICDE'13, ASONAM'13, DASFAA'13, DEXA'13, APWeb'13, IEEE BigData'13

§         2012: CIKM'12(Knowledge Management track), SIGKDD'12 (Asia-Pacific track), ICDM'12, VLDB'12 (March 2012 research track), SDM'12, WWW'12 (Web Mining track)ICDE'12 (data mining and knowledge discovery track), IPDPS'12  (Algorithm Track), ECML'12/PKDD'12, ASONAM'12, DASFAA'12, DEXA'12, WAIM'12, EDB'12, NDBC'12, NSSEWM'12, ContextKDD'12, IKM4DR'12@CIKM'12

§         2011: CIKM'11 (DB and poster tracks), ECML'11/PKDD'11, WAIM'11, DEXA'11, APWeb'11, ASONAM'11, IPDPS'11 (Algorithm Track), WSDM'11, DASFAA'11 (Research and Industrial Tracks)

§         2010: SIGKDD'10, AAAI'10 (AI and the Web track), ASONAM'10, VLDB'10 (Demo track), WAIM'10, ICDE'10 (Demo track),WSDM'10, DEXA'10, PAKDD'10, DASFAA'10, APWeb'10, ISDPE'10, ADC'10

§         2009: CIKM'09, ICDM'09, DEXA'09, EDB'09, VLDB'09 (Infrastructure for information systems track), SIGKDD'09, WWW'09 (Data Mining track)

, SDM'09, ICDE'09 (Data mining and knowledge discovery track), PAKDD'09, DASFAA'09, APWeb'09, WAIM'09, DBIR'2009 (in conjunction with APWeb-WAIM'09)

§         2008: ICDM'08, SITIS'08 , ECML'08/PKDD'08, SIGKDD'08, VLDB'08 (Core database technology track), WWW'08 (Posters Track), SDM'08, WAIM'08, APWeb'08

§         2007: SITIS'07, DSMM'07 (in conjunction with ICDM'07), FSKD'07, APWeb'07, WAIM'07

§         2006: ICTAI'06, COMAD'06, ICDM'06, IWMESD'06, ECML'06/PKDD'06, NDBC'06, APWeb'06

§         2005: NDBC'05, ICDM'05