TsingNUS: A Location-Based Service System Towards Live City


Location-base service is an indispensible task for Live City of NExT. To provide users with more user-friendly location-aware search experiences, we develop a location-based service system towards live city, called TsingNUS. TsingNUS has the following unique features.
  1. We extract location-based structure information from user-generated content (UGC) to enrich the traditional points of interest (POIs), which not only generates many new POIs but also provides users with more detailed structure information.
  2. We develop user-friendly interfaces to improve user experiences, including location-aware search-as-you-type, direction-aware search, and voice search. Location-aware search-as-you-type returns answers as users type in queries letter-by-letter which can reduce users' typing effort. Direction-aware search can efficiently compute answers in a specific direction, which has many real-world applications, e.g., searching while driving on a highway or walking on the way to a location.
  3. We devise efficient indexing structures and algorithms to support continuously moving queries, which can reduce the communication cost between mobile clients and server and ease the server burden when users continuously issue queries (e.g., driving or walking).